I was watching the 2012 version of Goner and happened to stumble upon this interesting theory. If you haven’t already, you can view the 2012 version of Goner here.Let me know what you guys think:

For anyone wondering why the end of this song is the beginning of Heavydirtysoul, it’s because that distorted scream you hear is actually Blurryface. In this song, Tyler is giving up and letting Blurryface win, which is why you hear a noose throughout the song. He’s given up. And in the end, Blurryface wins. But then it actually continues to Heavydirtysoul, the first song on the BF album. In this song, it picks up with where it left off. Blurryface is very loud, Tyler is praying for help, for Someone to save his soul. His fear of death inspires him to keep fighting Blurryface. Then it continues throughout the entire album, like a story about him fighting against his Blurryface. And in the end, the last song in the album, it’s the new version of this song. He’s determined to fight Blurryface once again, and it’s evident he’s much stronger than he was. During the buildup part of the song, you can hear a faint BF scream, it gets louder and louder, until Tyler screams “DONT LET ME BE–!!!” and the battle begins. Very loud banging, Blurryface is screaming again, but now Tyler literally screams back. And in the end… Tyler screams “I WANNA BE KNOWN BY… You.” And as soon as he says “You,” Blurryface stops. The banging stops. It goes silent because Tyler won. He finally beat Blurryface, and that’s the end of the entire album.

Hope you guys enjoy this! Here’s the full album and their website: Full BF Album:


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Hello! We all know the BlurryFace album by twenty one pilots! But, who is he and why does he want us… dead? Well, first off, BlurryFace is the other part of Tyler,
the dark part that is taking over Tyler.

Anyway, let’s start off with the song ‘Fairly Local’, we start off with a nice greeting off, ‘I’m Fairly Local, I’ve been
around’ That’s Tyler singing, after that it get’s dark and the voice get’s deeper. When the voice get’s deep which is BlurryFace, BlurryFace staits ‘Yo, this song
will never be on the radio’ Which BlurryFace is saying he doesn’t like Tyler’s choice of music style. In the video, part’s of Josh’s drum set keeps dispersing, which
may be BlurryFace taking away what Josh loves, BlurryFace is making it harder for Josh to play.

The next thing we’re going to talk about is ‘Stressed Out’ the song
that everyone is making theories about. In the begging, Tyler sings ‘I wish I didn’t have to rythm everytime I sing’ now, this means that BlurryFace is controlling
Tyler’s words when he’s taking over. Also, in this song, mostly every sentence starts with ‘I wish’ which may mean that Tyler is wishing that he can be himself without
BlurryFace taking over all the time. But after the first verse in the song BlurryFace takes over and says ‘My name is BlurryFace and I care what you think’ he says
that a few times before Tyler sings ‘Wish we could back time, to the good old days’ Tyler wants to be free, when he was younger, BlurryFace wasn’t apart of him,
now Tyler wants BlurryFace to go away. When Tyler sings ‘Wish we could turn back time’ Josh’s drumset say ‘Twenty One Pilots?’ which this may mean, this was before
they were a band. Later in the song, Josh and Tyler are in a white room, Josh appears to be sleeping when Tyler is still 687142awake from sleeping, there families are
standing there and they say ‘Wake up you need to make money!’ it could be BlurryFace saying that Tyler needs to try harder.

The 3rd thing we will be going over is,
the song, Holding Onto You, I know this song does not have BlurryFace in it… or does it? You see, Tyler sings ‘I’m taking over my boding’ and ‘I bet a lot of me
was lost’ So I’m guessing Tyler does not remember when BlurryFace takes over.

Moving on, the next thing is the song Tear In My Heart. It has BlurryFace, but the
thing is, BlurryFace is trying to have Tyler not love anyone. But Tyler found Jenna to help him to get rid off BlurryFace. So the reason Jenna punched Tyler is because,
BlurryFace, took over. She punched BlurryFace until he bleed. That’s why Jenna did that in the video.

The last song we will be taking about is ‘Goner’, I’m using
someone elses theory mixed with my theory. Ok, as we know BlurryFace, does not use ‘G”s on his twitter so here’s this girl’s theory, ‘Tyler says,”I’ve got two faces,
blurry’s the one I’m not. I need your help to take him out” with proves that there is something negative about BlurryFace.’ Pretty much this girl has a very good
theory but heres my part of it. Pretty much, I think that our BlurryFace is our other personality in us that we strive to give rid of because it holds us back.
now, I have a few more things to say about BlurryFace.
Tyler says, in a interview ‘BlurryFace is a character about insecurities’ And he posted on twitter, ‘SOMANY
FAKES. YOURE LYING. THEREISONLY ONE BLURRYFACE’ Which I bet that BlurryFace is taking about that everyone is trying to be BlurryFace and trying to deffeat. Antoher
thing BlurryFace posted is, ‘nOT SUNDAYNIHT
IMADE THEMC HANGE It’ Which BlurryFace is taking about Stressed Out and how it was suposed to come out on a Sunday 21 days after one of
the albums songs. But BlurryFace apparently made Josh and Tyler change the date. No one knows why BlurryFace did it. But hey, this is just a random theory I wanted to
do. Please subscribe for more videos and put in the comments if you want me to do more theories!! And leave a like, that let’s me know that that you guys want more
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